South Lakes High School STEAM Team
July 2017 | Galvanized Metal, Plywood, Wire Rope, Spray Paint, Metal

STEAM Fabrication Team: Lucy Nguyen (Team Leader), Jonathan Doctor, Josh Rodriguez—SLHS Alumni, Phoebe Liu, Mackenzie Krider, Samantha Busch, Catherine Lashley, Leah Moyer, Christian King, Victoria Slaski, Carson Bush, Jefferson Frost—SLHS Alumni, Margaret Lashley –SLHS Alumni. STEAM Team (non-fabrication): Harrison Cahn, Amirah Kirwan, Saeed, Louis Razavi, Kimi Nacu, Darja Loidap, Lily Vogel, Morgan Ryan, Jeremy Southern, Yanis Gribi, Isabella Emmons. Thanks to STEAM Team members not named for their contribution.

STEAM Team Statement:

“Though the world faces a countless variety of problems, the common issues that we all face are those concerning human rights. These issues take many shapes and forms, are constantly evolving, and, most importantly, concern us all as a species; in our work Althea, we strive to represent all of these aspects of human rights. The random rotations of the rings reflect the constantly evolving nature and the complexity of human rights, as does the gradual change in the surface of the human figure as it rusts over time. Resembling both the orbital paths of planets in our solar system and electrons around an atom, the concentric circles remind us of how deeply connected we are to each other and our world, which reinforces the importance of maintaining awareness of the world around us. We must also be constantly striving to find solutions to our common problems. The name references the nature of healing as we face these problems as a global community, and reminds us of the importance of unity and compassion during difficult times.”

This project was realized under the guidance of Marco Rando, South Lakes High School Photo/Art/Design Teacher. Special thanks to James Pan, David Prochnow, John I. Frankhouser III, PE, Principal, ADTEK Engineers, Inc., Rebecca Kamen, Gaetano Rando, Art Moyer, and Don Moyer.

Project Partners: South Lakes High School, Reston Association, and Public Art Reston

Project Sponsors: Lake Thoreau Entertainment Association, Reston Association, Public Art Reston, Julia Taylor, MOD Pizza Reston, Sandra Laeser, Maggie Parker, and Earl Conrad.

Read about the project on Reston Now and the Fairfax County Times.

Watch a video of the team making Althea here.

About the Lake Thoreau Spillway Project:

Althea was the fourth temporary installation for the Lake Thoreau spillway realized by students at South Lakes High School (SLHS) through the STEAM Team after school program. In 2012, Lake Thoreau resident James Pan approached Reston Association (RA) with the idea of involving SLHS students in transforming the unattractive, concrete spillway platform into a work of art. RA connected Pan with Public Art Reston who saw an opportunity to create a more enriching learning experience by having students follow the same criteria required to fulfill a professional public art process. Through the initial financial support of Pan, RA and Public Art Reston partnered to SLHS and art teacher, Marco Rando, to lead the STEAM Team after school program.  Over the course of a school year STEAM Team members gain real world experience in all aspects of the design, development and construction of a public work of art. Members create design concepts and present them to the Public Art Reston Public Art Committee and the RA Design Review Board for final approval. The final design is tested for durability and constructed by students at the high school where it is disassembled and then reinstalled on the spillway by RA staff for all community members to engage with over the course of the installation.