Duck, Duck, Goose

Penny Hauffe
2018 | Powder coated on mild steel

Duck, Duck, Goose comprises three individual pieces and is among a group of artist-designed bike racks selected for different locations throughout Reston that transform utilitarian objects into engaging public art. In a community-led public art process a call for design concepts was requested for four different sites.  Artists were not only tasked with creating site-specific designs, but also to follow Fairfax County criteria and standards for such amenities. The selection process included an initial design review by the Art Selection Committee comprised of key community stakeholders; final selection by the Public Art Reston Public Art Committee; and approval by the Reston Association Design Review Board. The winning designs were manufactured in a durable powder-coated steel by DERO, a firm that specializes in fabricating custom designed bike racks, and installed and maintained by Reston Association.

Partners/Donors: Friends of Reston, Virginia Commission for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, Reston Bicycle Club, Public Art Reston, and Reston Association.

Owned by Reston Association


Artist Statement:

“In focusing on a host of possible designs for the Lake House bicycle rack, I had three main priorities: a fully functional art work; one that ties in to its surroundings; and one that engages the public (bike riders and pedestrians alike), reaching out to them in a direct and visually pleasing way. The last point speaks to my overriding creative philosophy, to uplift and make positive connections between places, people and ideas. Duck, Duck, Goose emerged from these goals — a children’s game solidified into a parade of water birds found commonly in and around the lake. A practical and beautiful object, it aims to bring smiles to those enjoying the Lake House park area and its diverse recreational and natural offerings.”