Valerie Theberge
2013 | Glass tiles, mirror and stained glass

The mosaic water feature and mosaic squares on the small walls were commissioned as part of Dogwood pool renovations. According to the artist, microorganisms and their ability to shift, adapt and change are inspiration for this sculpture. It speaks to the vitality that pulses through all matter. Tens of thousands of small pieces are joined together like tiny cells effortlessly merging to create substance. It is the dynamism of these organisms that is translated into this work because in their mutable, fluid, and dynamic character they represent a microcosm of the human experience. Each of the square pieces on the walls are patterns that represent the diversity of the population surrounding Dogwood pool, five of the squares closer to the pavilion, were realized by Dogwood Elementary School children.

Owned by Reston Association

Sponsored by Reston Association, Public Art Reston, Reston Community Center