Harmony Ridge

Robert Lobe
1996 | Anodized hammered and welded aluminum, steel and concrete

Named for a site in Sussex County, New Jersey, Harmony Ridge depicts a composition of natural elements found along the Appalachian Trail. Robert Lobe selected this particular configuration of rocks and trees to complement the building’s natural setting and offset its horizontal geometry. Using a pneumatic hammer, Mr. Lobe pounded large sheets of aluminum over the natural objects until the metal conformed to their shapes and textures. He then welded the metal pieces together, forming a sculpture which is held in place by an interior steel frame sunk into a concrete foundation. While the sculpture initially appears to merely reproduce or imitate nature, a closer examination reveals a complex interplay of surfaces, shapes, textures, and light. This juxtaposition of nature with metal contrasts the organic with the artificial, the transitory with the timeless.  

Owned by USGS Headquarters

Sponsored by General Services Administration