Daniel Goldstein
2006 | Stainless steel

This seven-foot stainless steel sculpture is located at the corner of Market Street and Francis Street in Reston Town Square Park.  It was graciously donated by Sallie Mae in 2008 as a contribution to making Reston Town Center “a more beautiful place to work and play,” according to Sallie Mae employee Paul Smith. Meant to both compliment and juxtapose the landscape around it, Iris’ concept as an organic form ties the sculpture into the park’s trees, plantings, seating, and water jets, while its strong difference in color, texture, and height helps move the eye away and upward from the greenery—keeping the viewer absorbed and intrigued in the park’s unique setting. Artist Daniel Goldstein spoke with Public Art Reston about this piece, “The concept for the sculpture is based on the form of the iris flower… The sculpture intentionally looks completely different from every angle. I wanted the sculpture to have the dynamism and energy that these changing views could give it.”

Owned by Reston Urban Core Association (RUCA)

Donated by Sallie Mae

Photo credit: Lucy Yen