Memorial Sun Dial

Wayne Hughes, architect
1988 | Ashlar bluestone face and a stainless steel gnomon

The Memorial Sun Dial sits at the entrance to the Walker Nature Center. Dedicated to Vernon J. Walker, the founder and first director of the Nature Center, it is number 369 on the Sundial Registry of the North American Sundial Society. It is a fitting tribute to Walker who had a passion for sundials and considered them to be the perfect symbol of man’s unity with the natural environment. It was designed by Wayne Hughes of Hughes Group Architects in 1988 and dedicated to Walker at the Nature Center’s Spring Festival in 1989. The sundial has a 7-foot diameter with an ashlar bluestone face and a stainless steel gnomon crafted by Superior Iron Works in Sterling, VA. It is oriented on the property to tell true solar time. Reston is also home to number 773 on the Sundial Registry and is located at Neil Armstrong Elementary School.

Owned by Reston Association