Mosaic Birdhouse Poles 

Shahin Talishkhan, Valerie Theberge, Terraset Elementary School students
2019  |  Glass mosaic tile, wood

The two mosaic-covered birdhouse poles enhance the main entrance of Sunrise Valley Elementary School. Shahin Talishkhan and Valerie Theberge led a series of hands-on workshops with 49 5th grade students who were instructed in the mosaic process and worked collaboratively to design and assemble colorful abstract motifs, which they also applied to the wood poles. The final design process and fabrication were completed in the artists’ studio.

Public Art Reston facilitated the project at the request of the Office of Hunter Mill District Supervisor in fulfillment of a public art proffer made in conjunction with school renovations. 

Project supported in part by: Public Art Reston, Virginia Commission for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts.

Owner: Fairfax County Public Schools