Mutual Respect/Mutual Understanding

m.l. duffy, MFA
2016  |  Welded stainless steel

Mutual Understanding/Mutual Respect had its public unveiling on June 18, 2016 in its permanent location in front of the Hunter Mill District County Governmental Center, the new home to the office of the Hunter Mill District Supervisor and the Reston Police Station. Maryland artist m.l. duffy responded to the nature of the site by creating a universal symbol that represents a welcoming gesture of “peaceful greeting, respect, and shared objective”. This sculpture is a visual reminder that county officials, the police and staff work alongside the community for their shared benefit. At the unveiling, Supervisor Hudgins stated that she found the hands to be a fitting symbol that connects the building to its surroundings and function and a, “ . . . reminder that community offers us support, goods and services that we cannot achieve as individuals, and that individual quality of life is inseparable” from what government does for the community. 

Owned by County of Fairfax