North Shore Drive Underpass

Gonzalo Fonseca
1965  |  Concrete

Connecting the pedestrian pathway from Lake Anne Village Center to the nearby Hickory Cluster townhouses under North Shore Drive, The Underpass not only acts as a resting spot for walkers and bicycle riders, but also as a place for Restonians to appreciate the beautiful combination of arts and nature. As the first underpass built in Reston, it stood as the ideal for the creative potential of future projects. The Underpass was one of the most extensive works done by Gonzalo Fonseca for the Village Center and consists of multiple sculptural elements encountered when traveling through the tunnel. Along with a functional seat and table, The Underpass includes pieces that—upon close inspection—provide passersby with surprises meant to jog the imagination with stories and ideas. Read about Gonzalo Fonseca in this New York Times feature.

Owner: Reston Association

Photo by Charlotte Geary