Reston Rondo

Mary Ann Mears
2014  |  Painted aluminum (sculpture), bluestone (paving)

The primary focus of Mary Ann Mears’s work from the beginning of her career has been creating sculpture for specific sites. She enjoys the challenge of responding to the physical and spatial qualities of new sites, whether architectural—interior or exterior—or natural. Reston Rondo aspires to be welcoming to people approaching Reston Town Center. The sculpture is gestural, its graceful movement inviting the viewer to move around and though it. With clean organic forms suggesting lively energy, Reston Rondo is intended to be elegant with a feeling of lyricism and whimsy.

Owner: Reston Town Center Association
Sponsored by Reston Community Center, Reston Town Center Association, Hyatt Regency Reston, Public Art Reston

Photo credit: Charlotte Geary