William Roehl in collaboration with Conklin & Rossant
William Roehl in collaboration with Conklin & Rossant 1965  |  Wood and steel

Located near the North Shore Underpass above the canal, the Swing is one of numerous picturesque features that were designed for Lake Anne Village Center. William Conklin and James Rossant designed the tall post and lintel wood frame that once housed a curving wicker swing designed by William Roehl, an associate in their architecture firm. Roehl also designed the Van Gogh Bridge that connects Waterview Cluster with Lake Anne. Both overlook the canal to the lake beyond and encourage momentary reflection. The simple, elegant design of the Swing combines art and function. Over the years the original basket swing was replaced with a more traditional one. It is a popular spot for taking in the view.

See additional information in the George Mason University Libraries Guide to the Conklin and Rossant Reston project collection, 1960-1990.

Owner: Reston Association

Photo credit: Charlotte Geary