The Messenger

Nicholas Zimbro
November 2023  |  Spray painted with high quality pigments encapsulated in resin.

From the artist: “The work was inspired by many different elements of life, but the Reston Fountain in the heart of Reston Town Center stood as the central point of inspiration…

At the top of that fountain stands Hermes. Within the stories of Greek Mythology, Hermes is the messenger god. The mural I painted is an imagined scene of Hermes the messenger god traveling through the various realms. It’s a glimpse of midflight, at the special place that exists between separate realms. I wanted to create something that could serve as a moment of imagination for all of us, something that could exist as a backdrop for new memories and experiences. At the real root of it, I hope to work in service of creating a better world.

I view myself as a “placemaker” as much as an “artist” or a “muralist”, and I have a deep reverence to the shared spaces that we inhabit.  The people that work hard to manage Reston Town Center have been wonderful, trusting me with numerous spaces to activate within their campus.  We have some even larger projects planned for next year! I’m both humbled and honored to be able to live out my life’s purpose by being able to create these impactful works of art.”

Owner: Boston Properties

Photo credits: Nicholas Zimbro and Steven Mathews-Rurak