Van Gogh Bridge

William Roehl, Associate Partner, Conklin & Rossant
1965  |   Wood, steel, and wood composite

Van Gogh Bridge was designed by William Roehl, an associate in the architectural firm of Whittlesey, Conklin and Rossant, the planners of Lake Anne Village Center, to link Washington Plaza with Waterview Cluster across the canal. Set along a walking path through Lake Anne Plaza, the design of the footbridge was inspired by the famous paintings by its namesake of a drawbridge in Arles, France. It is one of the many picturesque, recreational features of the first village center in Reston inspired by a European sensibility shared by Robert E. Simon, Jr. and the planners of the site. Although enjoyed by residents year-round, Van Gogh Bridge is most captivating in the springtime when the surrounding cherry trees create a backdrop of beautiful blooms.

Owner: Reston Association
Photo credit: Charlotte Geary