Kevin Reese and Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences 4th grade students
 2006  |  Steel 

Artist Kevin Reese described to Public Art Reston the conception and process of Stabile, “Lisa Foley, the art teacher then at Hunters Woods, contacted me expressing an interest in creating a permanent piece of public art for the front of the school. I have been doing these kinds of installations for the past ten years through my company School Sculptures with Kevin Reese. Since 2001, I have created 95 installations in 22 states. I came to Hunters Woods and met with the students to discuss design ideas. Based on conversations about abstract art and theme, the students did drawings of what they thought the sculpture should look like. I took those drawings back to my studio and, using them as inspiration, created a model of the sculpture, which I brought to the first day of the residency. The students and I spent the next five days measuring, sanding, laminating, bolting, drilling, caulking and painting. The sculpture was installed on the Friday and all of the 4th grade students had a hand in its creation.”

Owner: Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences