Vascular Form III

Foon Sham
2007  |   Pine

Vascular Form III is part of a series of 12 sculptures that Foon Sham has created all over the world, in places as diverse as Mexico, Hong Kong and Australia and Washington, D.C. This sculpture is constructed of smooth, individually hewn, reclaimed pine blocks stacked and shaped into a towering vase-like form. By using hard-edged shapes to create a tubular sculpture, Sham presents a contrast in textures that engage the viewer’s eye. The tension created by texture is offset by the symmetry in the work, and the rhythm of the stacking pattern. Sham’s work shows how each small unit is necessary to create the effect of the final product, both visually and structurally.

Vascular Form III is currently on view at GRACE.

On loan from the artist
Sponsor: Greater Reston Arts Center
Photo: Lucy Yen