Viewer for the Age of Reason

Greg Shelnutt
n.d.  |   Steel

Viewer for the Age of Reason is one of several original sculptures displayed at the Parkridge Center as part of the 1991 Outdoor Sculpture Invitational, an effort to present contemporary art in a public setting to office tenants, visitors, and the general public.  The grounds of the office park provided the setting for an extended installation organized and sponsored by Walker and Company with the participation of the Greater Reston Arts Center. This exhibition of outdoor sculpture was on view from August 1991 to June 1992. Sculptor Greg Shelnutt strives to, “convey the manifestation of ideas through the manipulation of form” and uses his sculptures as a style of storytelling. Through his works, Shelnutt aims to provoke the viewer into questioning accepted notions about culture.

Owner: Garrison Parkridge 5, LLC
Presented at the First Annual Outdoor Sculpture Invitational by Walker and Company with the participation of GRACE