Wing Spirit

John Mishler
n.d.  |  Steel

Wing Spirit was one of several original sculptures displayed at the Parkridge Center as part of the 1991 Outdoor Sculpture Invitational, an effort to present contemporary art in a public setting to office tenants, visitors, and the general public. The grounds of the office park provided the setting for an extended installation organized and sponsored by Walker and Company, with the participation of the Greater Reston Arts Center. This exhibition of outdoor sculpture was on view from August 1991 to June 1992. Numerous sculptures remained on view for many years including this soaring work by noted Indiana artist, John Mishler. 

Wing Spirit is composed entirely of recycled metal from an industrial scrap yard.  Mishler likes the prospect of giving discarded materials a second life. According to the artist, the vertical linear shapes of the sculpture represent lightning bolts and the three-points that hold the large sculpture represent the powerful stance of a ballerina. Among the varied types of steel used in Wing Spirit is diamond plate—a metal used on steps, fire trucks, and other industrial applications. Diamond plate added great texture to the sculpture as well as paid homage to Mischler’s residence in Indiana—a large industrial center in the United States.

Owner: Penzance Parkridge Four, LLC
Presented at the First Annual Outdoor Sculpture Invitational by Walker and Company with the participation of Greater Reston Arts Center