Wooden Horse (disintegrated)

1965  |  Wood
2016  |   Body: Elm; Neck: Spalted maple*; Legs: Treated pine; Head & Tail: Treated douglas fir; Assembling Dowels: Oak; Galvanized lag bolts

The Wooden Horse (recreated by artist Marco Rando in 2016) was another unplanned play sculpture, like the Building, that Gonzalo Fonseca made from construction scraps that he found while working on the poured concrete sculptures he was commissioned to create for Lake Anne Village Center. Constructed out of wood for the body and shovel handles for the stirrups this small horse sculpture had the character of a child’s toy model with its stiff legs and basic forms. Like so much of his work at Lake Anne, Fonseca made it for children to climb on, ride and weave stories with it. Though no record exists about how or when it was taken down it most likely deteriorated as it was made with untreated wood.