South Lakes High School STEAM Team 
2024 | Installation on the Lake Thoreau spillway June 2024
Dimensioned Lumber, Screws, Clear Coat, Solar Panel System, Integrated LED Lights, Galvanized Tension Cable Assemblies

This sculpture stands as a symbol of hope and renewal amidst our planet’s pressing deforestation crisis. Wood is a renewable resource and sustainable forestry is essential for propagating the earth’s woodlands and water table. Crafted with some remnants of previous sculptures, this design embodies the resilience and continuity of nature’s cycle. Since the beginning of time, the trees have been a symbol of sustenance and regeneration. The installation is not just a testament to what we’ve lost, but a beacon of what we can restore through conscious efforts of our symbiotic relationship to trees. It is a call to action, reminding our community of the importance of preserving our forests. Closer to home, the importance of Reston’s open space for our community’s physiological health. This concept is so efficient in design it has less than 9% cut off waste. A dream of the future are plans to repurpose the materials for this sculpture and others to fabricate a one-of-a-kind greenhouse—a learning environment to inspire multiple course curriculum.

Project History:

Arboris is the 10th temporary installation realized by students at South Lakes High School (SLHS) for the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Team public art club. Lake Thoreau resident James Pan approached Reston Association (RA) in 2012 with the idea of involving SLHS students in transforming the unattractive, concrete spillway platform into a work of art. With this initial financial funding, RA partnered with Public Art Reston to support SLHS art teacher Marco Rando, who leads the STEAM Team after school club. Over the course of a school year STEAM Team members gain real world experience in all aspects of the design, development, and fabrication of a work of art through a professional public art process. They create design concepts and present them for initial review by the Public Art Reston Public Art Committee and then to the RA Design Review Board for final approval. The final design is tested for durability and constructed by students at the high school where it is disassembled and then reinstalled on the spillway by RA staff for all community members to engage with over the course of the installation.

Work Referenced by: Edward Climo (President at Studio 3 Architects) and Mimi Herbert (Internationally renowned painter and sculptor)

Work Sponsored by: Marco Rando – Supervising Art & Design Teacher, Lake Thoreau Entertainment Association, Mary and David Prochnow, Reston Association, Public Art Reston, South Lakes High School and the supporters of the STEAM Team Calendar Fundraiser.

STEAM Team Members: Max Alfert, Ray Mohammad Ali, Mia Cralle, Maya Collins, Jackson Caraiga, Noah DeGurse, Alrich Hotz, Connor Khede, Brianna Le, Amanda Lovette, Aiden McHale, Amy Milton, Samuel Moore, Rex Newhart, Stella Ostraff, Sofia Pakhomkina, Sophia Paradowski, Henry Parker, Emmalina Sjapeki,  Rhiannon Stevens, Shan Sakhia, Ghazal Tanavade, Aiden Tong,  Andrew Wood, Thomas Wagner, Turner Yates