The mission of Public Art Reston (PAR) is to be the catalyst for public art that inspires, engages, and connects. PAR promotes urban design principles established by Reston’s founder, Robert E. Simon, Jr. and affirmed by Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, who recognize the key role of public art in Reston, which is codified in its comprehensive plan.
PAR stimulates civic partnerships to create new public artworks; raises the expectation that public art is an integral component of Reston’s long-term ethic of building a quality environment; and fosters public discourse and education about public art and placemaking.


Public Art is recognized as essential to our thriving, diverse community.


We are inclusivediverse, and use an equity lens.


We facilitate successful placemaking.


We foster education by involving students and educators who are critical to our success.


We are an accessible and a barrier-free organization.


We are advocates of public art that enriches lives, engages the mind and senses, and enhances a sense of well-being.


We are a resource for the community to understand, appreciate, and celebrate public art.


We are a creative and flexible organization.


We respect artists, partners, audiences, and funders.


Board of Directors

The Public Art Reston Board of Directors represent our founding partner organizations including the Reston Community Center, Reston Association, Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, Reston Town Center Association, Tephra ICA (formerly Greater Reston Arts Center), League of Reston Artists, and the Office of the Hunter Mill District Supervisor as well as Reston residents, emerging leaders, urban planning and design experts, and artists among others.

Chair   Maggie Parker  | Board Member, Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce
Vice Chair William G. Bouie  | Vice Chairman, Reston Community Center Board of Governors
Treasurer Andrew Lampropoulos | At-Large
Secretary Julie Bitzer | At-Large

Miriam Brodie | At-Large

Jim Cleveland  |  Tephra ICA

Karen Cleveland  |  Reston Resident At-Large

Regina Coyle | Land Use

Jeanne Loveland | At-Large and Vice Chair, Finance Committee

Pat Macintyre  |  League of Reston Artists

Jalal Mapar | Reston Association Board Representative

Marco Rando  |  Professional Artist

Janet Rems  |  At-Large and Chair, Communications Committee

Amanda Scarangella |  Food Access Program Manager with FRESHFARM

Eve Thompson | Hunter Mill District Supervisor’s Office

Rebekah Wingert-Jabi | At-Large 

Amanda Williams  |  Emerging Leader

Sapna Yathiraj | Reston Town Center Association

Alexandra Campbell  |  Executive Director, Reston Historic Trust & Museum

Mac Cummins | CEO, Reston Association

Leila Gordon  |  Executive Director, Reston Community Center

Robert Goudie  |  Executive Director, Reston Town Center Association

Jaynelle Hazard I Executive Director, Tephra ICA

Charles Kapur  |  President & CEO, Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

Jillian O’Shea-Smith  |  Staff Representative of Hunter Mill District Supervisor

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Jeanne Loveland

Member, Board of Directors



12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191






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