Moorings Drive Underpass

Moorings Drive Underpass Olin Russum 1967 | Ceramic mosaic Maryland artist Olin Russum was a noted potter and sculptor best known for his large- scale ceramic murals and sculptures installed in public schools, restaurants, and banks throughout the Baltimore-Washington region. He was commissioned by Reston planners to invigorate the wing walls of the Moorings Drive […]

Monument to the Sun and Stars

Monument to the Sun and Stars Mike Shaffer 2009 | Acrylic on reclaimed wood Monument to the Sun and Stars is one of three sculptures by artist Mike Shaffer that were exhibited in Reston Town Center Square Park for the duration of the exhibition “gaps” at the Greater Reston Arts Center in collaboration with Public […]

Midtown Community Mural

Midtown Community Mural Dana Ann Scheurer 2013 | Keim paint on concrete The Midtown Community Mural on New Dominion Parkway was commissioned from local Reston artist Dana Scheurer to enliven the public wall of a condominium property in Reston Town Center. Scheurer drew on her characteristic geometric interplay of forms that she captures in bright, […]

Mercury Fountain

Mercury Fountain Saint Clair Cemin 1990 | White Carrara marble and bronze At almost 28 feet tall, the Mercury Fountain has rightfully become a symbol of Reston Town Center—and a landmark in Reston as well—since it was erected in 1990. The design of the fountain was chosen after a call for artists and interviews were […]

Memorial Sun Dial

Memorial Sun Dial Wayne Hughes, architect 1988 | Ashlar bluestone face and a stainless steel gnomon The Memorial Sun Dial sits at the entrance to the Walker Nature Center. Dedicated to Vernon J. Walker, the founder and first director of the Nature Center, it is number 369 on the Sundial Registry of the North American Sundial Society. […]

Lookout Tower

Lookout Tower James Rossant 1965 | Concrete The Lookout Tower was an unplanned, architectural sculpture (like The Pulpit) created by renowned architect, urban planner and artist James Rossant to test the water level of the lake.  Coupled with Sun Boat, these imaginative constructions become companion pieces that turn the site into an interactive play space […]

Kazimoc XXIX

Kazimoc XXIX Rodney Carroll 1995 | Yellow painted steel Kazimoc XXIX by Maryland artist Rodney Carroll is a monumental steel structure painted a bright yellow and standing twenty-five feet high. The curving form was exhibited in Hyatt Park at Reston Town Center on a concrete pad used for temporary public sculpture installations prior to the installation […]


Iris Daniel Goldstein 2006 | Stainless steel This seven-foot stainless steel sculpture is located at the corner of Market Street and Francis Street in Reston Town Square Park.  It was graciously donated by Sallie Mae in 2008 as a contribution to making Reston Town Center “a more beautiful place to work and play,” according to […]

Intent, The Wooden Horse

Intent, The Wooden Horse Marco Rando with contributions from South Lakes High School STEAM Art students 2020 | Pressure Treated Lumber (Southern Pine), Exterior Grade Screws, Galvanized Nut & Bolts. Hidden Heart – Pressure Treated Lumber, Paint, Marker This work is the second iteration of the Wooden Horse Rando first realized in 2016 and which […]

Connie’s Quilt

Connie’s Quilt South Lakes High School STEAM Team June 2018 | Galvanized Metal, Airplane Cable, PEX Tubing, Connectors, Cable Ties Connie’s Quilt  was the fifth temporary installation for the Lake Thoreau spillway realized by students at South Lakes High School (SLHS) through the STEAM Team after school program. Lake Thoreau resident James Pan approached Reston […]