Becoming a Chalk on the Water sponsor is a unique and creative way to engage the local community. Because of the innovative nature of the event, Public Art Reston welcomes brainstorming with new partnerships to maximize its impact. These flexible partnerships meet the needs of sponsors and also match the festival’s quirky personality. The organization seeks to understand how it can best meet their partners’ sponsorship objectives, whether they are community, marketing, philanthropic, and/or public affairs related. Public Art Reston considers all of its sponsors as important partners in the success and future of the event. Sponsorship funds offset the direct costs of the festival and provide awards and prizes to our local artists.

Note that sponsors are responsible for providing the artist that will create any sponsor-related image and that these images will NOT be judged in the competition. Additionally, all images must be reviewed by staff to ensure that they comply with any local restrictions.

Please contact for more information about sponsorship opportunities.