Developer Information

In recent years, due to the arrival of the Silver Line in Reston and its proximity to the Capitol, the community has undergone and continues to experience a significant increase in commercial and residential growth and development.

The Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan encourages a commitment to public art in new development projects in Reston. This applies both to private and public development projects. The Public Art Master Plan for Reston is referenced specifically in the Comprehensive Plan Policy.

Developers who demonstrate support for public art by providing voluntary commitments to integrate public art into their proposed Reston developments during the land development process within Fairfax County should choose from three options: (1) commission public art on-site; (2) commission public art off-site in accordance with the Public Art Master Plan for Reston; or (3) contribute sufficient funds to the Public Art Reston Fund as may be established by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Please use the Complete Guide for Developers to Public Art in Reston and the Developer’s Checklist: Public Art Project Options to inform your public art projects.  See Public Art Maintenance Plan to be completed by developer and artist.