September 15, 2021



STEAM Powers National Arts in Education Week!


To mark this occasion, we can think of no better example of the transformative role of the arts in the classroom than the  opens in a new windowSouth Lakes High School  (SLHS) STEAM Team program.

 While STEM is a well-known acronym representing Science, Technology, Math and Engineering, the Art added to make STEAM is less recognized. However, SLHS art teacher Marco Rando and the STEAM Team students know that all of these disciplines in combination with ART are integral to their STEAM-driven public art projects for the Lake Thoreau spillway in Reston. 

 Now in its 10th year, Public Art Reston and Reston Association are proud sponsors of this impactful program. By putting the Arts in STEM, Rando and his students will use STEAM power to generate their 8th public art installation coming in June 2022.

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