John Parker

1990  |  Welded steel


Cadmiosaur is another welded-steel sculpture created by John Parker during his art residency in Reston in 1990.  The title translates to “big red beast” and alludes to the size, shape, color, and weight of the piece.  Ideas and inspiration for this and Restosauria came from Parker’s lifelong fascination in dinosaurs and nature along with an extensive insect collection he gathered while growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Parker states, “I have combined nature with steel, in giving heavy industrial materials a living, animated presence.”  The process of creating Cadmiosaur and Restosauria began with several sketches and small prototype models.  The sculptures were constructed by smoothing down the steel, grinding and welding them together, and finally sandblasting them to a paintable finish. Parker earned an M.F.A from Rinehart School of Sculpture, Maryland Institute College of Art and B.F.A from the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Owned by South Lakes High School

Sponsored by South Lakes High School, Reston Association, Greater Reston Arts Center