Valerie Theberge

2010  |  Glass and mirror mosaic tiles, stained glass



Valerie Theberge designed this artwork to be uplifting, whimsical, and optimistic. Multiple shades of greens were chosen to reflect the rich vegetation in Reston. Fluid lines speak to the stream that flows near the underpass. Each motif in the mosaic was carefully created to echo the organic nature of the surroundings. The design transforms into a show of light and color upon closer inspection, with her inclusion of mirrored tiles and stained glass. The stars were realized by students from Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences under the inspiration and instruction of Valerie Theberge.

Special thanks to Shahin Shikhaliyev for his participation in creating and producing this mosaic mural. Students: Ji Ahn, Sophia Applegate, Arko Bhattacharyya, Colin Carmody, Ananya Chowla, Julia Damron, Anahita Dhungel, Tyler Ellis, Rhett Fetter, Sam Gustafson, Olivia Heatherly, Alena Hussian, Kaitlyn Hyun, Varun Iyengar, Liam Kenefick, Bill Kidwell, Monica Lannen, Dounia Lazreq, Alyssa Luehring, Tenzin Namgyel, Madina Noristani, Megan Parmer, Shereen Raza, Arpithia Shenoy, Victoria Sova, Noah Taylor, Bradley Thomas, Michael Tishner, Catrin Waters, and Jonas Wilson. As well as Anita Damron (Parent), Kathleen Hinson (Teacher), Arona Iyengar (Parent), Norma Morris (Art Teacher and HWES project coordinator), and Olivia Toatley (Principal).

Owned by Reston Association

Sponsored by Public Art Reston, Reston Association, Reston Community Center, Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences, with grants from the Virginia Commission for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Arts Council of Fairfax County