Peter Nicapetre

n.d.  |  Wood


The Parkridge Center provides the setting for several works of public art. Many of these pieces date to 1991, when the Greater Reston Arts Center, with the support of Walker and Company, sponsored an exhibition of outdoor art that ran from August 1991 to June 1992.  Internationally-known sculptors were invited to prepare and present a sculptural work for the exhibition. Toronto-based sculptor Peter Nicapetre was selected to create Invocation, an eighty-six inch tall, three-piece wooden sculpture influenced by the early 20th century modernist artist Constantin Brancusi. Nicapetre’s works are in open air and museums as well as private, corporate, and government collections in Romania, Canada, United States, Japan, England, Greece, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary. The artwork was removed in Fall 2014.

Owned by Penzance Parkridge Four, LLC

Presented at the First Annual Outdoor Sculpture Invitational by Walker and Company with the participation of GRACE