Nothing Twice

South Lakes High School STEAM Team

2015  |  Galvanized steel, Strataglass – clear vinyl, iridescent film, and galvanized wire rope

To celebrate the diversity and simultaneous unity of Reston, STEAM Team has created an iridescent double-helix sculpture. The double helix is to represent the idea that we are all made from D.N.A. and are from the same components. In contrast, the iridescence represents the different shades through which people see themselves. As Wislawa Szymborska states in her poem Nothing Twice, “although we’re different (we concur)/ just as two drops of water are.” However, from the distance we are one united shimmering color. The sculpture will act as a prism to illuminate the shades through which we see ourselves. Students presented design concepts to the IPAR Public Art Committee that recommended the helix concept. Sculptor Mary Ann Mears visited the students and provided input in January 2015. The students made two presentations to the RA DRB, the first to present design concept and the second to get approval in April 2015. This project follows the presentation of Pyramid of Light in 2014. This project was realized under the guidance of Marco Rando, South Lakes High School Photo/Art Teacher. Special thanks to James Pan; Mary Ann Mears, sculptor; and John I. Frankhouser III, PE, Principal, ADTEK Engineers, Inc.

Sponsored by Lake Thoreau Entertainment Association, Reston Association, Public Art Reston, Strataglass LLC, Norma and Hans Banziger, Julie Bitzer, E.T. Conrad Trustee, Maggie Parker, Lani Seeley, and Julie Taylor.

Photo by Charlotte Geary

Nothing Twice