Out of Place

Ronit Eisenbach (Installation Artist) and Sharon Mansur (Dance Artist)

May 2012




Out of Place is a site-specific installation and contemporary dance performance inspired by the history and design of the 1960s-era planned community of Reston, Virginia. The three week long installation at Lake Anne consists of cast resin fiberglass floats whose form mimicked the planar and material character of the surrounding modern architecture. Ropes and pulleys attached to the artificial lake’s edges connect the floats to one another. A 30-minute twilight dance performance by Mansur and her longtime collaborator Daniel Burkholder accompanied the installation. The work explores the fluid character of both water and human movement in contrast to the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the constructed environment. Out of Place gains inspiration from the variety of ways that the plaza shapes human experience and action. On the evening of the performance, community members and visitors gathered along the water’s edge to participate in the event. During the performance and throughout the week, the floats, equipped with solar collectors and LED lights, harnessed the sun’s energy during the day, and released it at night to create a hovering luminous landscape of color in the lake.

Supported by Reston Community Center, Public Art Reston, Reston Museum, Friends of Lake Anne, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and the University of Maryland. Supported in part by a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts.

Michael Fisher, Design Assistant; Daniel Burkholder + Sharon Mansur, Performers; Zachary Z. Handler + Jeff Gipson, Photography
Photos by Charlotte Geary

Out of Place