The Lookout Tower

James Rossant

1965  |  Concrete


Rossant’s Lookout Tower and Gonzalo Fonseca’s The Sun Boat make wonderful companion pieces in this area. Where The Sun Boat invites visitors to climb in and remains at eye level with the lake, Rossant’s Lookout Tower provides vertical leverage in the scene, and encourages visitors to climb up, and survey the scene from an uncommon vantage point. Together, the two pieces provide two levels of play and shape the open space in a rather liberal manner compared to a traditional playground. Lookout was referred to as the “Moon-Viewing Platform” by Rossant. Given its height and location overlooking Lake Anne, the work provides an idyllic vantage point to take in the scene at night. As an architect as well as a renowned urban planner, Rossant shaped Reston in hopes of creating a community that was not suburban but rather a small and “real” town. He was very influential in creating the “Master Plan” for Reston’s development.

Owner: Lake Anne Plaza

Photo: Charlotte Geary

The Lookout Tower