The Pulpit

James Rossant

1965  |  Concrete


The Pulpit, referred to as “the Moon Viewing Platform” by artist James Rossant, is a rectangle of concrete rising at the water’s edge atop a cylindrical concrete column. Accessible by a short stairway, it provides a vantage point for peering across the cove of Lake Anne toward Heron House, the first apartment building constructed in Lake Anne Village Center. The use of reinforced concrete poured in place relates Rossant’s pieces to the surrounding buildings and to fellow artist Gonzalo Fonseca’s Sun Boat, which shares the plaza space with them. Viewed as a cornerstone of the village, The Pulpit suggests the lookout of a sunken frigate—a place to look from and be looked at. It is rumored that the structure was put up free of charge as a test for the concrete of the Heron House. Regardless of its original function, The Pulpit has become a treasured addition to the playgrounds of Lake Anne Village Center.

Owner: Reston Association

Photo: Charlotte Geary

The Pulpit