The Sun Boat

Gonzalo Fonseca

1965  |  Concrete


Strategically placed beside Lake Anne, The Sun Boat functions as both sculptural aesthetic for adults and an enjoyable playground for children. This concrete sculpture is one of many works at Lake Anne Village Center designed by Uruguayan sculptor-painter, Gonzalo Fonseca. It includes a rowboat cut out of concrete and is accessible to the smallest of children for climbing in and out, sitting, playing, and taking their imaginations to infinite nautical possibilities. This, along with the lookout and the lake, are a magnificent attraction for the whole family. According to architectural mastermind James Rossant, “[The Sun Boat] was designed for children who wish to take an imaginary voyage. It was sculpted for its specific location in the Village as an object set in a red brick sea, to be viewed from above, and as a symbolic statement relating to Lake Anne beyond.” Gonzalo Fonseca was well known for his stone sculptures of “enigmatic forms” as well as architectural themes. He held interests in pre-Columbian art as well as naturalism and art based on symbolism. Read about Gonzalo Fonseca in this New York Times feature.

Owner: Lake Anne of Reston, a Condominium

Photo by Charlotte Geary

The Sun Boat