Wooden Horse

Marco Rando

2016  |   Body: Elm; Neck: Spalted maple*; Legs: Treated pine; Head & Tail: Treated douglas fir; Assembling Dowels: Oak; Galvanized lag bolts



Comments by the artist: “I was honored to be asked to recreate Gonzalo Fonseca’s Wooden Horse—I remember playing on the horse as a child. As I begun the project I wanted to honor the overall details of its unique form as created by Gonzalo. The changes in gesture were guided by an Elm trunk I had drying for over 12 years, lying in wait till the opportunity presented itself. The trunk was the Y section of the tree allowing to accentuate the chest of a regal creature, while the angles and cuts of the neck, head, and legs was to give movement to the toy like figure.”

*The maple was allowed to begin initial stages of decay and then subsequently dried. 

Information about the original sculpture by Gonzalo Fonseca can be found here.

Owner: Lake Anne Reston Condominium Association (LARCA)
Sponsors: LARCA and Public Art Reston

Wooden Horse