March 2023

A Public Art Timeline

Lake Anne Underpass

This timeline series begins where it all started, at Lake Anne Village Center (LAVC). Built in the mid-1960s, LAVC was the first of five such developments realized in Reston’s planned community. Site-specific public art was commissioned for from the very outset. So far, the series has explored the variety of public art found around the site including molded concrete sculptures, graphic icons used for signage as well as a ceramic mosaic.  

Check out the posts to learn more about each artist that contributed public art to Reston. Their works enliven our shared spaces and inspire a sense of wonder. Their contributions not only established a notable design standard in Reston but also inspired the founding of Public Art Reston in 2008. They also fulfilled a goal of Reston’s founder, Robert E. Simon, Jr. who envisioned daily and serendipitous art encounters to enrich our daily lives. Indeed, he once said, “It seemed to be obvious that any development should have its functional facets, but it should also have fun, beauty, fantasy.” 

As we continue through our timeline, we invite you to share and comment in our posts. We are excited to relate the rich history behind each unique and impactful public artwork that adorns our beloved town from the 1960s to the present.  

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“Reston Inspires Art”

With The South Lakes High School STEAM Team

Marco Rando and SLHS STEAM Team members gave an engaging presentation on March 15 at the Jo Ann Rose Gallery at Reston Community Center Lake Anne. The event is part of a speaker series organized by Reston Museum with support from Reston Community Center. In addition to hearing about their past artworks, the audience was treated to a sneak peek at their 2023 designs for “Rise”, the 9th public art project the STEAM Team is creating for the Lake Thoreau spillway. Reston Museum board member, Caren Anton, facilitated the discussion and lead an active post-presentation Q & A.

The annual speaker series highlights Reston-related topics. The SLHS STEAM Team presentation was an ideal fit! Since 2014, this unique afterschool public art club, led by SLHS art teacher Marco Rando, has realized 8 temporary sculptures that transform and visually activate the Lake Thoreau spillway drainage platform. Reston themes often inspire these artworks. For their 9th sculpture, “Rise”, STEAM Team members site Reston’s rapid development and demographic growth from its humble beginnings as farmland as a key inspiration for the tower-like structures. Moreover, participants shared anecdotes about the value of their STEAM Team experience to their high school careers and beyond.

Watch the video clip to hear STEAM Team member Bryant Kalunga talk about the how Reston has inspired this year’s project.