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I live in Reston and reap the artistic benefits of Public Art Reston on a regular basis. Public Art Reston is an important component to making Reston the wonderful place that it is. I fully support this wonderful organization. I have been involved with Public Art Reston in one way or another since it’s inception in 2007 – donor, volunteer, collaborator, and now board member. It is well-run organization. As a former art educator, I appreciate all the educational outreach they do for students and families, often fueling a lifelong interest and appreciation of the arts. It is so wonderful to see the excitement of the community that has participated in a Public Art Reston project.

Jeanne Loveland

Board Member

I thoroughly enjoyed the Virtual Art Tour of Lake Anne. In all the years I have lived here (48 years) in Reston this is the first time I have had the occasion to have someone explain all the architectural objects in and around Lake Anne Center. Most enlightening and especially since the architectural staff of Reston had so much influence on the sculptures and their placement around the Center. I hope you all will keep working on the project and others like it as Reston has so much to share in the Public Art arena.

General Member of the Public

My students at Hunters Woods Elementary had the pleasure to work with Public Art Reston to create a beautiful mural in the Colts Neck underpass. The students were thrilled to see their artwork be a part of the community and thoroughly enjoyed the instruction of Ben Volta. This was my first year participating in the Public Art Reston project and I can’t say enough great things about this organization. Anne Delaney was professional in every decision that was made and she went out of her way to make sure the students would be involved in this art project with Ben Volta. Exposure to this organization has helped my students appreciate public art in the community of Reston. 

Judy Sohn

Art Specialist; Hunters Woods Elementary for the Arts and Sciences

Working with Public Art Reston was an amazing experience for my students at Dogwood Elementary. We were so excited when we were asked to participate in the Colts Neck Underpass Project. Through out the process, they arranged thoughtful interactions and activities for us to participate in, and the students were beyond excited to see their work come to life and be apart of a permanent installation in their community. We look forward to continuing to work with Public Art Reston to promote the arts in our area.


Professional with expertise in this field

One of the best public art programs. Very active with great leadership and strong community involvement. I especially appreciate attention Public Art Reston staff pay to the needs of the artists and support throughout all stages of a project.


Professional with expertise in this field

Public art enriches all of our lives, and indeed, my life has been enriched by the art projects that have been displayed at the Lake Thoreau spillway over the last few years. I live nearby and frequently walk along that path by the lake. I was especially pleased to learn that students at South Lakes High School have been the creators of these imaginative displays. This is a project that should definitely be continued to benefit the students who participate and to benefit the public that enjoys the fruits of their efforts.
Anonymous Reston Resident

I grew up in Reston and I remember playing on the sculptures in Lake Anne and these are memories I look on fondly that have shaped my career in architecture. I have been inspired by much of Reston’s public art and the way it is incorporated so seamlessly into public spaces and its architecture. It marks place, engages the senses, and conveys the spirit of the community. It is a treasure and makes such an impact on the quality of life for those who live here
Anonymous Reston Resident

Public Art Reston is a wonderful organization that brings the community together through public art. Thanks to Public Art Reston’s mission and vision, Reston is a welcoming place where both locals and visitors can delight in beautiful works of art displayed around the community. From murals, to sculptures, and underpasses, Reston has become a place where art is present everywhere you go. Additionally, Public Art Reston has involved residents and visitors in the creation of artworks, including kids from the local schools as well as families and professional and amateurs artists at its ChalkFest. Working with Public Art Reston has been rewarding at both personal and professional level and I’m proud of being a part of one of the committees.

Alexandra Rossi-Morell


Public Art Reston has been a wonderful asset to the Reston community! Their commitment to the arts has encouraged a fantastic dialogue among the neighbors, and they continue to inspire the community to think outside the box when it comes to public art.
Anonymous volunteer

Having been raised in Reston(1968) I had the privilege as a child to learn and be inspired by the tradition of integrating the arts and community first put forth by Robert Simon. As an adult I have transformed those experiences into a profession career as an artist. The icing on the cake is that several of my works are on display to the public in Reston. IPAR has embraced the original vision and taken it to the next level. Continuing to bring art to the community, education to our children and inspiration to us all! Thank you, Public Art Reston, Bob(Simon) would be proud.
Zachary Oxman


Public art is such a visible expression of an area’s commitment to promoting arts, cultivating community and creating everyday wonder for everyone to enjoy. Public Art Reston is an organization that reflects the community’s passion for art and community. They have a strong web of partners and the group is deeply ingrained in the community. Because of these deep community roots, the organization is able to do a whole lot with very limited resources. Public Art Reston is one of the key organizations in Reston that helps make the area so community-centric and inviting.
Gerald Zavala

Board Director and Committee Chair, Public Art Reston

I loved working with STEAM, as someone who likes design and does art. For a while I thought I couldn’t pursue art as a career, but being able to make something that contributes to the community makes me feel that there is a real need for art in our world.
Victoria Slaski

STEAM (December 2016), South Lakes High School

Public Art Reston—such a great cause and this organization is filled of wonderful/passionate folks. I’m new to the area and joined a few months back. They have welcomed me in open armed, encouraged my ideas, and sparked my own creativity. There’s lots going on, but new approaches and ideas are strongly supported. Volunteer for a fundraiser, join a committee, attend an event, or simply enjoy & support public art!
Nikki Reynolds

Committee member, Public Art Reston

I have been working as an artist with public art programs since 1975. The programs have included state, local, institutional and in some cases specific state and local government agencies such as education and transportation departments. [Public Art Reston] is entirely professional, incredibly effective in enabling the highest quality art to be created, and exceeds all others in the quality of its public engagement.

From the selection process at the beginning and throughout the entire process of the commission, I was very impressed with the way that the executive director of [Public Art Reston] facilitated the public private partnership that was formed in support of my specific project. I believe that the guidance and support of [Public Art Reston] throughout enabled me to create one of the most successful works of public art of my career and the most enthusiastically welcomed of all.

In addition to logistical support, [Public Art Reston] was amazing in connecting me to the Reston community at all stages. I was truly inspired through the understanding that I gained of Reston’s history and culture and the sculpture reflects that inspiration. My relationship with the Reston community has continued in quite wonderful ways. I had a great conversation with students from South Lake High School in the midst of their process of creating their sculpture “Nothing Twice” recently unveiled at the Lake Thoreau Spillway. Also, [Public Art Reston] facilitated my participation when the Reston Community Center commissioned two dance companies to choreograph and perform dances inspired by my sculpture, “Reston Rondo” as part of the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival. I conceived of the sculpture to be interactive; the dancers’ performances were magical and embodied a wonderful intersection of the arts as forms of human expression.

Beyond my association as an artist with [Public Art Reston], I have some depth of experience with arts non-profits as a former member of the Maryland State Arts Council, a trustee of Maryland Citizens for the Arts (MCA), the founder and a trustee of Arts Education in Maryland Schools (AEMS) Alliance and Co-Chair of the Governor’s Task Force on Arts Education in Maryland Schools which engaged many non-profit arts institutions in its work. Based on this experience as well, I strongly recommend IPAR as an exemplary non-profit organization.

Mary Ann Mears


I am a [Public Art Reston] board member. I am also a resident of Reston and grew up there. [Public Art Reston] is an incredibly well managed organization that is doing a remarkable job of continuing and reimagining the role of public art in our community. The sprit of our community grows with each new public art project that [Public Art Reston] implements. From engaging our school students in art projects to bringing world renowned artists to our community, [Public Art Reston] captivates Restonian’s imaginations, brings us together as a community and inspires us to pursue artistic endeavors in our own lives. I have watched my 3 year old daughter experience such joy as she plays in or views [Public Art Reston] projects. I’m so glad to know she has had these special experiences and that so many other Restonians have had them as well.
Rebekah Wingert-Jabi

Board Member, Public Art Reston

Public Art Reston provides a terrific service to Reston, its businesses and its residents. The organization works to document, catalogue and promote existing public art installations throughout our community. Additionally, it works to add to that inventory by supporting property developers, community organizations, schools and others to deliver new elements using best practices. We are fortunate to have this organization in our community.
Anonymous Board Member

Public Art Reston