Public Art Reston commits to doing its work with an equity lens by nurturing diverse participation, celebrating different voices reflecting our community, and providing opportunities to experience public art in all of Reston’s neighborhoods. We will connect at the intersections of creativity, accessibility, and belonging. 

*This equity statement will be updated as Public Art Reston continues to improve and evolve this focus.


Explore Reston’s public art collection of over 81 permanent and temporary artworks and learn about upcoming public art projects.

More than 31 public artworks have been realized since 2010 in Reston, which follow the Public Art Reston review process and have been guided by the vision of the Public Art Master Plan for Reston adopted in 2008. 

Public Art Reston offers multiple ways to discover and enjoy these artworks from home or while getting some fresh air during this period of physical distancing: opens in a new windowDownload the map of Reston opens PDF file  to find the location of the artworks.

View videos and Public Art Reston films on YouTube. Download self-guided public art tours of Lake Anne Village Center and Reston Town Center. 


Just in time for Summer vacation — a new Public Art Explorer packet to use at home or getting outdoors to “explore” Reston’s public art! Discover the fantastical temporary sculptures of Patrick Dougherty in colorful pages filled with fun facts, hands-on, accessible arts and crafts activities, and question prompts designed to foster intergenerational conversations around art and art making. While we miss his 2015 installation A Bird in the Hand, Dougherty’s newest public artworks within driving distance from Reston! Take the Dougherty Public Art Explorer packet on a road trip to Annapolis, MD to experience “The Old Homeplace.”

Don’t miss our Public Art Activities page for more ways to discover public art in Reston!


We could not exist without supporters.

There are several ways that you can support Public Art Reston. Click to explore donation options, or click here to see volunteer calls, and in-kind service opportunities.


Explore artist opportunities with Public Art Reston as well as calls from local, regional, and national organizations. 


Information for developers who plan to integrate public art in new development projects in Reston. Learn about the business behind public art and the commissioning process.


Public Art Reston is funded in part through generous support from these organizations, foundations, and corporations.

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