William Roehl in collaboration with Conklin & Rossant

1965  |  Wood and steel



There are many elements to the beautiful public art scattered about the Lake Anne Village Center. One of these elements, near the North Shore Underpass, is the Swing. Overlooking the lake, the beautifully designed swing combines art and function. Composed of wood and steel, William Roehl designed the Swing in collaboration with Conklin and Rossant, who created the structure surrounding it. Back when the piece was installed in 1965, it was not wooden, instead a hanging basket swing, though over the years it has evolved into state it is today. Despite this evolution, the Swing still overlooks the Lake, establishing a designed space to enjoy the beauty surrounding it. See additional information in the George Mason University Libraries Guide to the Conklin and Rossant Reston project collection, 1960-1990.

Owner: Reston Association

Photo credit: Charlotte Geary